One small step for brands…    …one giant leap for brand kind!

Big Content is the total user experience that builds loyal customers and drives sales; as opposed to Content Marketing, which is really an extension of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), relying on fads and keywords to put you on “top,” in one place, that is always a moving target and is rarely dependable. Brand.gineering is the next big move beyond advertising that uses proven methods of marketing, neural programming and business strategy combined with creative media development and user experiences to build your business big.

—Carl Hartman, President Brand.gineering


Masters of “Big Content”

Big content is about big stories and your product as the primary character on the marketing stage! Big content builds those emotional ties and the kind of relationships that drive sales of your products! And, who else to sell your product and build your brand than marketers that are also professional storytellers. Big content rips little content to shreds, immersing your customers in the world of your product. Big content is like a huge hook that is stuck in the mind of your ideal customer and compels a purchase because they won’t stop thinking about YOUR PRODUCT.

The fact is that you have been used to big content for years. You begged your parents for the Star Wars action toy or Elmo doll because you fell in love with the story and that made you want to buy. It works for B2B and B2C if structured properly.

gears_small_05As experienced producers for national television networks we understood that if we could crete the same relationships and emotions people expect from dramatic stories and tie that to product marketing we could eliminate old school, pitchy advertising.

The entertainment industry is one of the best marketers on the planet. Record labels, TV networks, movie studios and game companies rock the marketing world. We just took all the techniques they we used there and applied our extensive marketing experience in that extremely competitive arena to every other business.

We sell things using an amazingly powerful proprietary system to sell your products. Nobody else has it.

Content Marketing School: The 2 Most Critical Content Marketing Elements

Content marketing has traditionally been about blogging and creating white papers; pulling people to lead pages and pumping out mass amounts of information that pummels the customer into buying. Stories in the context of most content marketing are really just information; shovel-ware that is created with the intent of wearing down the customer to the point of purchase. What some call the sales funnel, we call the sales Playdoh Fun Factory; keep squeezing the customer until they buy and money pops out the other end.

Big Content marketing strategy is about providing an experience to your ideal customer that builds the same kind of emotional ties that I had buying things as a kid. In fact true content marketing should take you through the same kind of experience a great personal shopper or salesperson would provide