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bad·ass – ‘bad,as/: carves their own path, sets the standard, radiates total confidence, absolutely honest, is brutally effective and not influenced by fads or competitors; badass style is instantly recognized.

We are ruthlessly committed to getting badass results!

Most businesses seeking advertising are actually masking other pains. The reality is that about 90% of the businesses in this country suck. The foolish approach is slapping on band-aids with advertising. Unless a business is real about the actual problems, fixes those problems; no advertising will have an effect.

The process we use has proven itself over and over, increase our client’s business 200-400% in one year. We bring in the best coaches in the areas of business systems, leadership and marketing/advertising so that our clients get the best results. Then we execute on the marketing.

The extreme pains in your business are driving down profits not advertising; don’t bullshit us or yourself. And, if you are not achieving the dreams you had when you started the business; probably the same reason. The economy is not the problem. Your lazy employees are not the problem. Until you take ownership of the stories (lies) you are telling yourself, there is no hope.

Why direct and personal coaching? Why so driven? SPEED! As highly driven business owners, we need the accountability and access to high level coaches that get results and you can’t wait five years for results.

Who is eligible? Three of our coaches screen your business to see if you measure up. Is it expensive? Usually the same cost as the normal marketing fees for a business. However, with our 100% money back guarantee you either see business success in twelve months or get the full coaching fees returned.

Click the link below to apply. Even if you think you will not qualify, apply. If you have the guts and drive, apply. If you are ready to finally take powerful action steps, do it now. Then again, if you are too chicken to take the next step, you’ll never get anywhere.

Carl Hartman, President of Brand.gineering

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*Brandgineering Guarantees that your business will increase $100,000 with 12 month subscription of the Brandgineering Business Growth Package or $200,000 with a 12 month subscription of the Brandgineering Business Powerhouse Package; and that the full amount of your consultation fees will be returned less any out-of-pocket costs approved by you for items such as printing, video production, digital marketing or advertising placement costs performed in the normal course of business. Businesses must qualify with a minimum amount of current sales and excludes start up companies in specific markets or equity partners.

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We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths…  …You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make the dream a reality. Walt Disney

Content Marketing School: David Ogilvy Series – Sucking at the Teet of Advertising

Just like going to the doctor for a physical, tests are performed to establish a baseline. This can be extremely uncomfortable for a business because it brings out truths about where it may be sick – let’s just say it, the analysis tells the truth about where you suck. Members of the band aid culture that are happy to mask their business cancer must level up or be shown the door.

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